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There is no better investment than joining the Childcare Association of Louisiana.

Here are some of the membership benefits you will enjoy as a member of the Childcare Association of Louisiana:
  • Weekly Membership Zoom Calls - CCAL hosts a weekly ZOOM Call with our membership with a featured guest speaker and a featured corporate sponsor.  This calls occur each Thursday at 12 Noon 
  • Technical Assistance  - An important membership benefit is having someone you or your staff can call to assist you with navigating the regulatory processes.  We have close contacts with the Louisiana Department of Education, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, the Louisiana Department of Health (Office of Public Health). the Workforce Commission (formerly the Louisiana Department of Labor) 
  • Advocacy - CCAL advocates in the state legislative arena on issues that directly impact the childcare profession.
  • Communications - CCAL Members receive regular updates on issues facing the childcare industry through our enewsletters and Facebook page.
  • Membership Bundles -  CCAL has four different membership levels membership bundles as follows:
  • Our Bronze plan cover eight (8) employees and is $160/year
  • Our Silver Lagniappe Bundle covers membership for ten (10) employees and is $200/year
  • Our Gold Membership Bundle covers up to fourteen (14) employees and is $240/year
  • Our Platinum Membership Bundle covers an unlimited number of employees and costs $400/year
  • Our membership bundles gives our owners and directors the peace of mind to maintain a membership for you and your staff so that you and your staff can obtain their CDA renewals and School Readiness Tax Credits.
  • Education Conferences - CCAL hosts a Fall and a Spring Education Conference where you and your employees can earn Pathways approved clock hours and network with your colleagues. As a member of CCAL, you and your staff will be able to attend our Spring Education  Conference and our Fall Education Conference at a discounted rate. 
  • Discounts on Products and Services - CCAL members are eligible to purchase discounted insurance products, including limited benefits health insurance, disability and dental coverage through our partnership with the Shiloh Group. Also through a collaboration with the LDOE and the Office of State Purchasing,  CCAL members can purchase products and services for use in your early learning center at the State Purchasing prices!   Only requirement is a simple, one-page application to the DOA and once approved, you can start saving money!   

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP - Annual Dues - VARIES  (January 1 – December 31)

Those eligible for Corporate Sponsorship include corporations or businesses who provide goods and/or services to the childcare industry.


  • Your companies logo will be prominently displayed on the Home Page of our website
  • Corporate Sponsors are entitled to having an exhibit table at our Spring and Fall Education Conferences
  •  As a corporate sponsor you can run a full-page advertisement in our weekly CCAL e-Newsletters which reaches the owners, directors and teachers in over 1000 licensed childcare centers
  • Corporate Sponsors are invited to be featured on our weekly Membership ZOOM Calls 
FRIEND OF CCAL MEMBERSHIP - Annual Dues - $60 (January 1 – December 31)
In order to join as a friend of CCAL member, you must be personally invited by a Board Member or the Executive Director.


  • Advocacy –CCAL keeps its finger on the pulse of the needs of the childcare industry and closely monitors legislative and regulatory threats. Also, CCAL actively promotes public policy that helps the childcare industry thrive. 
  • Educational Opportunities – Each year, CCAL hosts a  Spring Education Conference and a Fall Education Conference
  • Communications - Our e-Newsletters and our Facebook Posts are designed to keep you informed with what CCAL is doing for you and the childcare profession.
  • CCAL members are eligible to purchase discounted insurance products, including limited benefits health insurance, disability and dental coverage through our partnership with the Shiloh Group. 


Childcare Association of Louisiana is statewide,  non-profit, professional membership organization that advocates on behalf of the early childhood education profession. 

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