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  • Enacted legislation to transfer the regulation of licensed childcare centers from the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services to the Louisiana Department of Education
  • Worked with Superintendent White and his staff to make vast improvements in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), including eliminating the co-payment for parents, thus raising the amount of the subsidy that goes to the support of the families who financially need subsidized child care, changed the number of absences allowed
  • Worked with the LDOE to drastically revise the licensing regulations of early learning centers and eliminated one-third of the regulations imposed on childcare centers
  • Enacted sweeping changes in the criminal background check laws and worked with the LDOE, the Louisiana Sheriffs Association and the Louisiana Chiefs of Policy Association and the Louisiana State Police to ensure that early learning centers can quickly obtain criminal background checks
  • Enacted legislation to make the operation of an illegal early learning center a felony charge instead a misdemeanor.
  • Enacted legislation to create the School Readiness Tax Credits and have advocated for the continuation of the SRTC
  • Enacted legislation to create an early childhood education advisory council that has widespread representation including representatives of early childcare education, parents, school districts, head start centers and advocacy groups
  • Enacted a law to enable early learning centers to participate in the state bid list to receive discount pricing on products to be used in their childcare centers
  • Defeated a bill to create a Pre-K 3 program
  • Succeeded in getting the Department of Education to waive the criminal background check requirements for early learning centers

Childcare Association of Louisiana is statewide,  non-profit, professional membership organization that advocates on behalf of the early childhood education profession. 

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