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Child Care Association of Louisiana
CCAL Flood Relief Fund
Hundreds of thousands of Louisianians have been displaced, and lost practically everything. Now, we strive as community to rebuild, and get back to as close to normalcy as we can. In order to do that, one of our most critical industries, that is often overlooked, needs your help. I’m speaking about the childcare industry. While mom and dad are busy rebuilding their home, or going back to work so others can do so, they need somewhere and someone to watch their children. Many of our centers took on vast amounts of damage and will not be ready to open any time soon. With your donation and your help, our centers can begin to reopen, molding young minds, and giving parents piece of mind. Please consider giving a small fraction to help this industry bounce back, because there is nothing more important than the growth and safety of our most precious asset: children.
If I can be of service, contact me on at (225) 933-5435   or by email at cindy.bishop@checkmate-strategies.com

Cindy Bishop
Executive Director
Child Care Association of Louisiana

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Child Care 
Association of Louisiana is to Educate, 
Advocate, & Collaborate to build a premier, proactive 
early childhood education industry for Louisiana families.
Vision Statement
The Vision of the Child Care 
Association of Louisiana is to Provide and 
 Advance the Highest Quality Early Childhood Education 
so all Louisiana children grow up to be Thriving Adults.